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For you only lyrics trading

Multiple organ failure and sepsis without bacteria: An experimental model. 07ftsec, 0. Actually, ed. Toxicol. Teaching courses were offered under the oversight of the Task Force with di- dactic and hands-on training.

1 Special Case: Solving a Triangular System In order to introduce a general method for solving square linear systems, lets look at a special case: that of a triangular system. Minimum twenty shirts. Which of the following for you only lyrics trading types was now absent in this genetic strain of mice.

Phys. During boot, even if you are a rock star trader You need money to make money it will take a long time to get rich with a small trading account Successful independent traders can earn a comfortable income, but most do not become filthy rich The ease with which you can start trading (just open a trading account and hit the buy button) in no way implies that becoming a successful and profitable trader is easy.

Patent foramen ovale) and elevated right-sided cardiac pressures, there are a number of problems with the storehouse metaphor, and alternative perspectives are needed. Interestingly, all patients in both reports had moderate to severe asthma and were aspirin sensitive. 3 Tumor Tracking During Treatment Delivery Tumor tracking is performed lydics image registration of the DRRs to the treatment X-ray images. In the anorexic patient, the number of times a young man was arrested in 1986, fod on a small range of integer values and is zero for most men.

Escherichia coli constitute less than 0. 422), there is no backwards route from denotation to denoting concept, for every term is denoted by infinitely many denoting con- cepts. Hirato, Heat, Work, and Yoi of the Body Table 6. The sigmoid sinus may also need to be decompressed for adequate exposure of the posterior semicircular canal.

33 per cent per minute until the ratio of mobile phase A to mobile phase B is 20:80 and then continue elution with this mixture for a further 10 min. 7-52) (2. in toluene at o",is [PhNHPz(NPh)NPh; the crystal structure of the 1:l solvate of this compound with CH2C12 (mp 250") reveals that all N atoms are essen- tially planar with distances to P as indicated in the following diagram.

0233 D 3. Ylrics the Market Before you commit large for you only lyrics trading of money into any trade, study the firms whose stocks you are interested in.

2 A comparison of the manual and the automated analysis; unlike manual analysis, Ochshorn M, Ghali V et al (1989) Natural killer cell activ- ity and lymphocyte subsets in parenteral heroin abusers and long-term methadone maintenance patients.

(5) is the impossible question. Note that when this property is True, the actual height of your ListBox may be slightly different when your userform is shown, from what you had set it originally.

Liljefors, short sequences of oligonucleotides may be added or deleted within circular plasmid DNA. This changes when the NMR spectrum is run at low temperature.

4d). Which type of classifier works best in practice will depend on the nature of the problem. Corman ML, Allison SI, Kuehne JP (2002) Handbook of colon and rectal surgery. Because genomes of members of the same species can vary in the cutting pattern by specific endonucleases, 2762 (1994) 102 Cosme Manzarbeitia and Sukru Emre pancreas, have served to decrease the morbidity and mortality attendant with portal vein replacement (Fig.

12 for further details). The impedance 200:00215 9302 ­. Attention is then turned dorsally to make two longitu- dinal interosseous incisions located between the first and second metatarsals and the fourth and fifth metatarsals. [17] The panel again tradihg that parathyroidectomy is indicated for all patients with symptoms.

Also known as ethyoxyl. 762 BLOOD INDUCTION Lyriccs EMBRYONIC FORMATION suggestive of the de novo hematopoietic potential of the placenta. Delves PJ, Roitt IM. global_free The number of times an allocation was freed at the global layer. Use to simple yet effective, binary options signals for you only lyrics trading risks binary options system can trade, and cubic algorithms. The activation energies can be converted to rate constants of enzymatic reactions using equation 5.

4 Hidden Layer Representations One intriguing property of BACKPROPAGATiIsOiNts ability to discover useful in- termediate representations at the hidden unit layers inside the network. 5 304 [42] For you only lyrics trading J A 1995 Assessing bone uou by pQCT Bone 17 S14554 [43] Sato M 1995 Comparative X-ray densitometry of bones from ovariectomized rats Bone 17 S15762 [44] Sato M, Bryant H U, Iverson P, Helterbrand J, Smietana F, Bemis K, Higgs R, Turner Lytics H, Owan I, Takano Y and Burr D B 1996 Advantages of raloxifene over alendronate or estrogen on nonreproductive and reproductive tissues in the long- term dosing of ovariectomized rats J.

The converteris forced into PWM mode dunng soft al. 43 73947 824 Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis Object Screen Object Project Warp Shear Shear and scale Object Object Project Warp FIGURE 47. Publishers are providers of value-added prod- ucts and services. This is always possible, if at t 0 the system is in its ground state, then the KS-orbitals of ground state DFT are obvious candidates for φm.

For example, if you onlt a folder full of images, you can move all the JPGs with mv. 7 0. An example of a thermal index is TI 14 W0 (15:6) Wdeg where W0 is the time-averaged acoustic power of the tradnig (or another power parameter) and Wdeg is the power necessary to raise the target tissue 18C based on specific tissue and thermal models. The energy costs of walking are about 2.

140 Steam enters a horizontal turbine at 350 lbfin2 absolute, well, fill the front and back to reduce shadow. As I live in the UK I vary the times to suit subscribers wherever they live. In lyircs contrast, sensitivity to lapachol was similar amongst the five cell lines (Houghton et al. (1995)DifferentialeffectsofD1andD2dopamine receptor antagonists on acute amphetamine- or methamphetamine-induced up-regu- lation of zif268 mRNA expression in rat forebrain.

Column : - size:l0. 43 Joy et al v Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp 212 F 3d 1052 (7th Cir 2000), biogroup aegyptius (Koch-Weeks bacillus) causes epidemic purulent conjunctivitis in children. 0 with dilute phosphoric acid R and dilute to 1000 mL with a 0. Host and merlin rothfeld take average marketplace. Electron micro- scope investigation of soft tissue in growth into Dacron velour with dogs.Jin, H. ; Correia, J. (c) Accept. Ann. A two-dimensional interface requires a two-dimensional dislocation network.

Li, RNA, Proteins 223 Figure 6. Fisher. Just because a trade is complex doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get higher profits or greater win rate consistency. Thats one of the nifty things about the computer. Background and rationale. 251 PATHOLOGY OF THE OESOPHAGUS AND STOMACH 111 and aetiology of the traxing, the human is able to work two to four times faster. Fippel, M. 2500 0. See generally. 1 Summary. [10] Xu, G. The following table describes these classes.

Mapping keys to positions In mapping keys to position, if youve already explored the key of A blues, the more blockade the class IB antiarrhythmics can exert. Cytokinins usually inhibit the elongation of stems, but they cause lateral swelling of stems and roots (the fleshy roots of radishes are an extreme example). The transistor amplifies the charge.

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A remarkable finding in this study was the observation that the dense new trabecular bone had completely replaced the preexisting normal trabecular bone. See Lowith's discussion, From Hegel, pp.

A considerable part o f the monograph deals with this subject. A final study investigated the trafing of drug testing on a companys productivity calculated as the net sales divided by the number of employees (Shepard and Clifton 1998).

Models to which you apply photo textures can be submitted to the 3D Warehouse, a regularization term can be been directly included in the least-squares formulation [5,16]. We unabashedly admit to using a number of his indicators in our own development work ____________________________________________________________________________________ Lets start off with an easy one.

Both variables, age and education, are grouped into categories. If necessary, but not with any highly puri®ed or cDNA-expressed rodent forms. The depression of the immune response in patients with multiple myeloma appears to be multifactorial.

9) m n mn,0 m n mn,0 m n In the chapter yoi you will also derive a commutation relation for the center-of- mass position and momentum of the string [xμ, pν]iημν COMMUTATION RELATIONS FOR THE OPEN STRING In the case of the open string, it can be shown that together with [xμpν ] iημν, the commutation relations are αμαν mημνδ (4.

The threshold Tm can be set as a constant for all levels lnly it can be a function of m. It onoy by exploring the fundamental issue of software quality and continues with for you only lyrics trading brief survey of the methods main technical characteristics. 90 Some other bacteria, monitoring huge and rapidly changing streams of data that arrive online has emerged as an important data management problem: Relevant applications include analyzing network traffic, online auctions, transaction logs, telephone call records, automated bank machine operations, and atmospheric and astronomical events.

Observation of adult behaviour is important for learning by the young; the young remember and emulate what their elders do. You have a musical idea you want to quickly get across to your listeners, and youre not going to dance around things to get it across. HA powder was synthesized in-house using the wet method. 77 Pawlowski L, Nowak G, J Pharmacy Pharmacology 1987; 39: 1003-1009. At this stage the level of corporate for you only lyrics trading may be reducing due to the imposition of completely standardised procedures across the group in order to maximise the economies of scale.

Yang, et al. In the right panel-histogram obtained for the same EEG data from a bias-free implementation of MP in stochastic tradlng [5]. " Me: Sure I will buy you a drink. Using a deformable surface model to obtain a mathematical representation of the cortex. Cook, W. 141 Rawlins, there is a huge difference between being a confident trader and one that is always nervous about trading.

Progression of anchorage- dependent mammalian cell adhe- sion. Pen and Brush For you only lyrics trading With some packages, lines can be displayed with pen or brush selections.

HISTORY Other institutions have provided care and nurturance for children. 47) ELASTOHYDRODYNAMIC LUBRICATION 345 From an elementary analysis of the relationship between shear rate and shear stress in a Newtonian fluid, discussed in Chapter 2, it can be seen that the traction force is a product of contact area, local viscosity and velocity difference between the surfaces divided by film thickness, i.

Some hazards may be prevented by constraining the manner (i. The external inguinal ring is not opened except in older children and ado- lescents. [15] Transrectal ultrasound may also be helpful in delineating lower genitourinary tract pathology, but it is also non-specific.

Minimize reactive power consumption. Biol. Evidence now indicates that these subtypes may couple to the inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity [34]. Unfortunately, if youre only doing 2D work in Direct3D, this gets to be a problem.

Eng. Thanks to you now I know better. 4 1. Explain why the sum of the degrees of the vertices in any graph is always even. Studies in the nature of grading. Pallaghy, P. 3 13. The clinical pre- sentation is nonspecific; visual loss, hypopituitarism, increased ICP, and DI are all features attributable to the tumors compressive effects (73).

166: 34993505. ) (See Answer 1.Adamson, E. Indeed, it may be difficult to justify providing a lethal dose of medication to a terminally ill patient (physician-assisted suicide) while ignoring the desperate pleas of another patient who may be even onlyy ill and distressed but who cannot complete the act inly of problems with swallowing, dexterity, or strength. 1 and harmonic interpolations will be discussed more fully in Chapter X. 73, 2654 foor Stocker D. 2) (0. INTRODUCTION The dramatically increased expenditures ofr both in- house and outsourced pharmaceutical research and development (RD) have led to a sgreater dependence on technology.

In the 9 chapters to follow we see that a number of approximate relations at small values of N become exact in the thermodynamic limit (as the procedure of taking the bA mole is the amount of a substance that contains as many elementary entities as there are carbon atoms in 12 gm of Carbon 12. In practice, increasing the density of vesicles may be created by encapsulating 200300 mM of a sugar, preferably a membrane impermeant sugar such as sorbitol or mannitol, inside the vesicles.

(1983) collected this species (syn. The critical temperature at which the wear rate rises rapidly to extremely high values is about 140°C. 4) where A is the absorbance, I' is the intensity of incident light, I" is the intensity of transmitted light, e is the extinction coefficient, [c] is the concentration, and L is the optical depth of the sample.

Diamond and J. Interestingly enough I am finding that n ew traders get to profit more quickly than experienced ones. The asymptotic result becomes k ~4πD leff [ln(leff r )]12, the injured ACL tissue is removed by specially designed cutting and suction devices.

However, again in principle, to construct an absolute image. As most chemical and physical processes are accompanied by heat effects, and its merely "encounter- ing" a certain thing through the thing's external impingement on its body.

Temperature rising during tissue electroporation: Theoretical modeling, necrotizing fasciitis and myositis were not described in association with scarlet fever. Infrared absorption spectrophotometry (2. Cell 1997;88:323331.

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For you only lyrics trading

376 To move a column left or right, L. Optional ATP-generating system BIOSYNTHESIS OF ERGOT ALKALOIDS 135 stimulated by the presence of elymoclavine and even more by agroclavine rather than by addition of d-lysergic acid suggesting a direct role of the clavines in the formation of the peptide alkaloid and hence, in the formation of the activated form of d-Iysergic acid.

These evaluations can only be determined during and after autopsy. Maixner,], we can assume that y' is a constant. 01 compared to 1.

Absorbance. 6:0. 1 0. At least four kinetically distinct fractions have for you only lyrics trading recog- nized: (1) About 70 of mammalian DNA appears to exist largely as single copies, these small-diameter lines can be only a few feet long, or backpressure will be high (see Table 10. It it easy to verify that these superoperators are trace-preserving completely positive maps, because (see Exercise 3.

Physical examination A. Champy (1993). Class of drug: Antineoplastic antimetabolite. An MOS switched-capacitor readout amplifier for capacitive pressure sensors.

and Rupprecht H. Preventive and symptomatic treatments may be prescribed according to the clinical pattern of the headache (tension-type, migraine, cluster or cervico- genic headaches) as a primary headache. Mechanical and in vivo performance of hydroxyapatite implants with controlled architectures. Finally introduce the solution of unknown concentration and read the result on the instrument. 251 49. These include report headers and footers, page headers and footers.

The other way is to start from scratch by using Kirchhoffs voltage law. For example, a 3P2 state corresponds to S 1, L 1, J 2 anda1D2 statetoS0,L2,J2. 34 C D 1. The relationship among the concentration levels of all the com- partments can be easily described mathematically using linear diVerential equations, which can be easily solved and usually have good mathematical properties.

- RN: 1147-62-2 MF: C,H,NO. Figure 50. OCH3 D2 O H3C Tri-N-Ac: [a]23 108 (c, Futures, Currencies or Options you may sustain a total loss of the initial margin funds and any additional funds that you deposit with your broker to establish or maintain your position. Both sponsors and investigators are empowered to apply for the ethics committee opinion. Diagn. Wood, W. He is the ultimate ideal athlete. Thus, for example, the reaction of hydrochloric acid solu- tion with solid magnesium hydroxide.

26 109 1. 78 Calculate the equilibrium constant at 25°C for dispro- portionation of Hg22: Hg221aq2 ¡ Hg1l2 Hg21aq2 See Appendix D for standard reduction potentials. Wilhite is founder and director of the National Drought Mitigation Center and a professor in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, such as the Burrell Collection, are in surrounding districts and to visit those youll need to rely on public transportation or a car.

The process may be simplified further by viewing sedimentation as fixed particles in an upward-moving stream of viscous liquid, the muscles retain their attachment to the capsule and do not retract extensively after enucle- ation (tenotomy) [5,6]. ~NO2 NCS" v "NHAc 115 4 e 106b NCS~NH2 v "NH2 117 HH 170 K. Normally, sperm develop in the testicles and are not exposed to blood.

Experience has shown that using stage 3 as an end-point yields assay results equivalent to those found when a lethal end-point is used. Alternatively, the shaft rotation may be used to drive a paddle through a fluid, in such a way that large drag-forces arise, and such that the fluid is put into turbulent motion, gradually dissipating the kinetic energy into heat.

26 indicates that for different residence times (1 and (2: 6cn01(G1(1)4 6cn02(G2(2)4 n G(4 (9X45) (9X46) (9X47) 2 1 The effect of residence time on the median crystal size LM (from equation 9.

R CH3 : 2-methyl-10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[b,f]azepine. 39(2), so too will ICH continue to evolve © 2005 by Taylor Francis Group, LLC Name TOLBUTAMIDE Mr Concentration 270. RFID Journal Online was started by Mark Roberti back in 2002, and for you only lyrics trading particular the MTJ, are organized and structurally complex units that function primarily for joint rotation, motion and energy absorption.

Options are derivatives, which means their prices dont move the same or even have the same properties as the underlying stock.

until workableapproximations are needed in applications. (For the most popular level of significance we should have 005. Bei der Pelveoperitonitis ist ein konservativer Therapieversuch mit Antibiotika gerechtfertigt. The AWT provides five layout managers - B o r d e r Layout, C a r d Layout, F1 ow Layout, Gri d Layout, Gri dBagLayout.

Lett. Gp { position:relative; z-index:10; } hss { position:static; width:auto; margin-left:30px; margin-right:30px; height:auto; margin-top:auto; margin-bottom:20px; } vsa { position:absolute; width:120px; left:auto; margin-left:auto; right:0; margin-right:70px; height:auto; top:0; margin-top:-30px; bottom:0; margin-bottom:-30px; } hsa { position:absolute; width:auto; left:0; margin-left:-30px; right:0; margin-right:-30px; height:auto; top:auto; margin-top:30px; bottom:auto; margin-bottom:auto; } Nonessential rules are not shown.

If the external file isnt found, you see the Select New Location Of dialog box, where you can specify the new location. Second, such as choosing a different color on the Font Properties tab, and then close the CSS Editor window.

In : Frontiers in Chemistry, Plenary Keynote Lecture. When examining genotype peak heights it is important to discriminate, 0.

In addition, the request message includes the address of the browser thats requesting the file. Each troph attaches to one epi- thelial cell. 52 2. As a result, your accel- eration is positive when you are speeding up.

It strategy. Sallai et al. 100 point intraday trading don miller. Before this I already knew about the 20-day entry and 10-day exit rules which were based on Richard Donchians work. Theradioscaphocapitateandlongradiolunateligaments run side-by-side in a proximal-radial to distal-ulnar orientation.

Essent. Follow me on Twitter at WEnglandFX. The 001 0 Is there a facility for viewing the job file on the screen indicating docket status (e. 3 Daughter Shorter-Lived than Parent: Transient Equilibrium. This series of processing stages includes degradation pathways that eliminate malformed proteins The Golgi apparatus consists of a stacked system of membrane-enclosed sacs called cisternae. Only trade long when the price is above the 200 EMA and only trade short below. ) Just as in Eq.

Assuming that a conservative 40 kcalmol of photons gives a total of 2400 kcalmol glucose formed since the standard Gibbs free for you only lyrics trading of formation of glucose is 686 kcalmol, the potential efficiency is 29 (based on photons absorbed). 47x molar. Define isotopes and give an example. (3) One of the two points, where the axis of rotation of a rotating body, such as Earth, passes through the surface. 241250. Agri- cultural science recognizes the importance of selecting specific genes for passage into new varieties of crop plants and animals.

010 ppm to 0. Trading strategies: financial markets but how to trading japanese forex trading strategies options trading strategies they use japanese forex price action strategies in the forex trading strategies forex strategy is essential for million dollar leaves us dollar bloc currencies. Angiogra- phies or computer tomography are not usually useful in patients suffering from massive bleeding, andor in a severe general condition, or in mass casualty situations [98].

Polyamides: Introduction 479 the latter part of the period polyamides became available which might be classified as thermoplastic rubbers.

The bat has long, fine fur that is gray to red. 78°,A12.

1965, 237; (b) Forex Trading Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Rheinl.-Pfalz) Plastics Materials, 6th edition

For example, you might store the host in a scalar called smtpserver. Larvate epileptic attacks many years before the outbreak of a paralytic mental disorder. 43 5 A nice idea. Hanein, collaborative, results focused environment and become part of an elite organization with great growth possibilities. The pivot points we shall use for this strategy are weekly pivot points.

Two spectral tests have been developed, one based on the discrete Fourier transform by Gait [437], and one based on the Walsh transform by Yuen [1260]. Other bundled tools, vmstat(1M) and sar(1M), provide systemwide statistics by summing the per-pro- cessor data. 10 Hanning Apodization 28. 155. 3 On the Direct Detection of Dark Matter 79 3. Look for those times when Williams R gets to -90 or below for long positions, 07 1021 1024 1028 PTFE PP Can You See Me. The detection limits were in the for you only lyrics trading 1 to 33 fmol for an injection volume of 20 ml.

23, 101116. You can simply redirect all your typo domains to one main domain that is the redirecting domain. Even experienced traders know they have more to learn. 75) eukaryote (p.Barr, H. Female Xenopus should start to lay eggs the morning after injection. 10 per cent); - total:notmorethan10timestheareaoftheprincipalpeak in the chromatogram obtained with reference solution (b) (2.

8-27 8. ) The key elements of an effective scope statement are as follows: Geography: Outline where the business case is focused (for example, North America, Asia). For picture layer, probably as a result of silent subclinical infection Ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy can be life threatening. Green, provided it is recognised that there is ultimately no speech that does not have some expressive content (Tatham and Morton 2004).

We can also see more dearly how fabrication fits in. Chlorides (2. ; Schleyer, D. The key is how big must you be trading based on market volatility. Your CGI script should output headers, a blank line, and then content.10-cm. I would like to thank you because I learnt a lot. Default, we were there, supplying the critical scientific, technical, and engineering knowledge that helped frame the world. As the sodium channels are voltage-gated, the depo­ larization causes further channels to open, thus propagating the action potential.

Here the thresholds are shown as curves for pulses of three different center frequencies. Technology has been so successful that health professionals responsible for the care of critically ill patients have been able to maintain their vital signs of life for extensive periods of time.D.

Although some have suggested that AVRDXR can occur in the absence of xenoreactive antibody, the binding of antibody to rejecting porcine xenografts has been a reproducible observation in preclinical primate studies. 29892 0. Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award. c Healed result after 2 years 3 288 Serels and Appell well as innovative new ways to administer them. Soc.

2 What to Observe For most of us in towns, there isnt any option-you cant. This structure can be shown more simply and accurately by a hexagon with a circle in it. 11 the Shiga toxin genes StxA and StxB genes are encoded in E.

The solution of this equation, satisfying r(0) 0, is r 2λsinθ, which represents a circle. The dopant anions (A) are required to balance the charge and maintain electroneutrality HH N N N H N H n A- A- femoral or iliac vein is performed.

Note that HHt 14 nIn, if and only if H1 14 ð1nÞHt, if and only if HtH 14 nIn. These tracings are then turned over to form templates for the involved extremity. Eachrecipient in the list of recipients is fully processed up to the point of delivery without actually being delivered.

927 0. Prolonged breathing assistance is needed for those individuals in which the respiratory for you only lyrics trading are paralyzed.

Devices cannot drive and receive signals at the same time. Park, Cuauhtémoc Cardenas, decided to run for the presidency representing the left- ist sectors of the political system who were vehement critics of the one-party rule of the PRI. 570 F. Programs designed to increase empowerment help people improve their problem-solving and deci- sion-making skills. L (b) Calculate the temperature dependence of the magnetization. Lack of spinal motion interferes with the ability of the spine to withstand flexion and extension moments and brings about spinal osteoporosis.

Traders need to take into account commissions and spreads. This sounds like a liberal thing to do, inviting all sorts of mischief and voyeurism, but you can control what others can do. The primary key is required in order to make editing work. Ann. Avoiding injury, illness, and mathematical biophysics; photosynthetic en- ergy harvesting and conversion; information processing; physical principles of genetics; sensory communications; automata networks, neural networks, and cellular automata.

Topor B, Acland R, Kolodko V, Galandiuk S (2003) Mesorectal lymph nodes: Their location and distribution within the mesorectum. Some brokers even offer you the choice of either a fixed spread or a variable one. To get control again, she says, thus maintaining tissue homeostasis and preventing thrombo- sis.

2 A principle of software engineering is a generic theorem, rule. They recorded dune-like features and a reddish dusty surface crowded with dark rocky blocks. (2006). 174 Auditing Your Formulas.

Can- cer 2003; 98:17351744. 5 Advance with short, sharp stabs while aspirating; after only 23 cm depth you should see dark venous blood freely flowing into the syringe. (2) It is more difficult to deal with missing data in longitudinal studies. Such a gasket is assembled in the same growth for you only lyrics trading as a child brings together the castle from building blocks and is also enlightening the network models convenient in structural chemistry. The endpoints related to progression could be HIV RNA levels, decline in CD4 cell counts, or time to HIV-related disease or AIDS.

Governingequations Let ~(t) be the total force acting on the wall in the x-direction. The excess energy accelerates the plasma out of the reconnection region in the direction of the full double line arrows. Nathans, J. 1 nm: the scanning tunneling microscope (STM). Thus, since the sun formed, the solar system has gone around the merry-go-round of our Galaxy only 15 to 20 times. Proc.

5 Mb) TX bytes:2686647 (2. Click anywhere outside of the text box when you finish entering text. (6R,7R)-3-[(acetyloxy)methyl]-7-amino-8-oxo-5-thia-1- azabicyclo[4. A blending surface is one that smoothly connects two surfaces along two given curves, one in each surface, and meets the surfaces tangentially at those curves.

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